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New Shipment of Coffee Arriving Soon

24 July 2014

We have a new shipment of our beautiful Nicaraguan Coffee on its way from our friends in Jintotega, Nicaragua.  This speciality bright 100% Arabica coffee is grown under shade protection in a balanced ecosystem using environmentally sustainable agricultural techniques.   This coffee and farm is certified by Rainforest Alliance UTZ.  The coffee has a sweetness citrus and cinnamon spices to finish. It works beautifully in a blend or as a single origin.

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27 June 2014

Milk can bring so much to a well made espresso drink .It adds a sense of nourishment and will give a lot longer  drink . This is only achieved when the milk is treated with care and respect , if to much heat is used the smell and taste is imparting a burnt taste to the espresso base .We believe that well heated and textured milk should enable you to drink your milk based drink straight away , it should compliment the espresso base . The human body has a built in temperature window in which tastes are available to us .Too hot or to cold and we can no longer perceive things . While this is not scientifically relevant and so really proves nothing but we find it interesting as an indicator

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Wellington on a Plate

25 June 2014

Wellington on a plate is starting up in August and the city will be alive with some amazing food and events to tantalise the most ardent foodie. Emporio is involved again with “choice brew”, a small class for coffee lovers looking to experience behind the scenes of a wellington coffee roaster. This year the format will have a slight twist with a focus on different brew methods along with trying a range of coffees from around the world. Each guest can pick out some favourite beans to take home.

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Water Temperatue

6 June 2014

You dont need to be a fanatical about water temperature to get a good result with different brew methods . Simply letting your jug sit for 2-3 minutes after boiling will be enough time for the water to cool to between 90-95 degrees . this is where we want to extract our coffee , any hotter and we get the harsh bitter flavours , any lower and we get the sour and under developed flavours . Of course you can always get technical and buy yourself a water thermometer , to get the temperature spot on . One more important fact to note is the quality of water when home brewing either in a plunger or chemex try and use filtered water it really does make a big difference . All commercial coffee machines run water filterers that are changed at least every 6 months . 

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Old School

28 May 2014

Our espresso bar at 90 Abel Smith Street has got new tables and chairs. They are school chairs so when sitting in them you may reminisce about the days of the old school yard. If you are  one of those people who found school to be an exercise in boredom and conformity we have one red chair, so sit in that and rebel against all the other matching grey chairs. Feel free to bring in your squashed Marmite sandwiches and Le Snacks. 

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Coffee Refill Jars

26 May 2014

If you are passing by Emporio at 90 Abel Smith Street pop in and check out our cute little coffee refill jars.  Designed to look cool in your kitchen and be kind to our planet! Once you've used up your beans pop back into Emporio and we will refill your jar for just $5.00.  How good is that?  Good for your wallet and good for your environment. While you are visiting us at Emporio in Able Smith Street you can check out our great range of fairtrade organic teas, chocolate beans and yummy drinking chocolate.  Oh and you can grab a coffee at the same time!

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Tea Glorious Tea

20 May 2014

Tea glorious tea…have you tried our new range of teas…fairtrade organic and come in the prettiest most colourful tins, so cool their design even won the a prestigious international packaging award.Some of our clients are raving about them… Number 6 café in Raumati are receiving amazing reviews from their local discerning tea drinkers and way down in the deep south Ambience Café such wonderful promotors of all things Emporio are doing this range great justice.If you are keen to get with the tea trend we will set you up with the whole range of tins and tea to get you kickstarted.  So just let us know if and we will get it sorted!

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Social Responsibility

16 May 2014

As we progress as a coffee drinking country , many of us as roasters look to bettering the way we do business , one way that a lot of us have adopted is to bring in our own coffee direct from the farms , this is known as real trade , relationship coffee , direct trade  and many other names . This is not to be confused with fair trade as that is a whole different ball game . We are often asked what as a company we do to support the farmers that produce the coffee we roast . If you read the last blog I talked about Emporio dealing direct with El Recreo estate in Nicaragua .Some of the initiatives that El Recreo  Estate have put into place are a technical training program , an estate run school for familys of all the workers and a health center which provides health care , nutritional diet , and recreational activities . All this is paid for out of the profits from selling there coffee worldwide , by cutting out a lot of the middle men in the selling process they are able to give back substantially more to all there workers . Hopefully this gives you a small insight into how as coffee roasters we are trying to help the farmers  create a better environment for all there workers .  

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Coffee Importing

6 May 2014

As the title suggests i just want to briefly talk about our first experience of importing our own coffee direct from the farmers . Miriam and I were at the SCA A Boston Expo when we met with the Morales Family from Nicaragua , as a family they run the EL Recreo coffee estate , at the expo we cupped the coffee with them , loved the taste and expressed an interest in importing a pallet into New Zealand  . not long after we returned home a sample arrived  we sample roasted it , cupped it , all of us agreed it was great coffee . Numerous e mails and the odd phone call to Nicaragua resulted in our first pallet arriving . After customs clearance etc 4 months after meeting the farmer and his family we now stock there coffee . . It really is a great feeling knowing we have a direct trading partner lastly but not least the coffee is fantastic weather in a blend or single origin through a chemex . Eric

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“I don’t drink coffee” – said no one ever

2 August 2013

There’s nothing more awkward than asking someone to catch up for coffee when they respond..”Ohh ah I don’t drink coffee sorry” – If this has ever happened to you, I totally understand at this point if you terminated the relationship.. after all..what they do with there time is well beyond my understanding.. but seriously..”lets grab a coffee” is a phrase thrown around left, right and centre by any Wellingtonian and I’m beginning to realise how nuts we all are about coffee.. gone are the days that any coffee would do the trick, picking up some random labelled instant coffee off the shelf is a classic rookie move and a being served a bad coffee is always an ultimate deal-breaker. Yes, we’re a city of hard-core, down-right loyal, coffee drinking pros.

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