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Emporio turns 20 in 2020

4 February 2020

It's 20 years since Emporio began roasting coffee in the Capital, supplying coffee to locals and businesses nationwide. We're excited to be having our big birthday in 2020.
2020 also marks an exciting new era in sustainability with the purchase of a Loring Kestrel 35 coffee roaster, the latest technology in coffee roasters. The Loring is a leader in sustainable, smokeless roasting.

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coffee tree without logo

Life of a Coffee Bean

24 September 2019

While our new Emporio takeout cups tell the coffee story, from plant to cup, Emporio owner Eric Heycoop takes us even closer to the action with a description of the life of a coffee bean.

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Wellington barista Lucas

Single Origin Brazil: Emporio Coffee welcomes Lucas Sidow de Campos

28 May 2019

From studying agriculture and roasting his own coffee in Brazil to milking cows in Culverden and tending grapes in Martinborough, we’re lucky to have Lucas Sidow de Campos join us in Abel Smith St.

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New Cups The story of coffee

Our New Coffee Cups: The Story of Coffee

2 May 2019

We’ve just launched the first design in our new series of takeout cups based on the story of coffee, from plant to cup. It’s the brainchild of Emporio’s Simon Maguire who's been working with Wellington graphic designer Spencer Levine. We asked Simon for the low-down.

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Barista Banter 3

Barista Banter

22 April 2019

One of the exciting things about working for a coffee company is the opportunity to hang out with the baristas. 

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Eric and Josh

Finding a New Coffee Supplier

13 February 2019

When Josh Chapman was building Silverspoon, a local cafe he'd bought when it was in trouble, he needed a coffee supplier. Josh has now sold his business but in his new blog series, he recounts his impressions of working with Emporio, and the valuable support Eric gave him to make his venture profitable.

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Emporio FB

Media Release: Emporio Coffee Partners with Wellington Phoenix

20 December 2018

We're delighted to be the official coffee partner for the Wellington Phoenix Football Club. 

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2018 06 26 MT 0189

At the heart of some of Wellington's Best Barista Training

1 October 2018

The training room doors slide shut as another budding barista learns the skills to thrive in Wellington’s ‘kickin' caffeine’ scene (as Lonely Planet describes it). At the heart of it all is Emporio’s Melina Payne, our expert barista trainer. We asked Melina about our courses.

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Phoebe on the Rise

Phoebe on the Rise

14 June 2018

I was surprised when I googled ‘Uprise’ that our Abel Smith St neighbours, and not an evangelical church, came up first in my search. And then I met 23 year old Phoebe Prescott who explained to me what Uprise actually does — it's a ‘digital performance agency’!

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simon mice2

Sensory Overload: Simon in Melbourne for Melbourne International Coffee Expo

17 April 2018

To celebrate ten years with Emporio Coffee, Simon Maguire spent a week in Melbourne including time at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo, MICE.

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