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Wandering Barista Returns

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24 November 2016

We farewelled Emporio barista and trainer Liz Begley earlier this year and are delighted that she has decided to return to us. After her overseas adventures, Liz reports that the biggest challenge was trying to fit in everything she and boyfriend Hugh wanted to do on their trip. We wondered where their wanderings took them...

You are just back from a bit of an OE, where did you go?
Lots of places! On our way to Europe, we stopped in Melbourne and Dubai to visit my two sisters. We spent a few months travelling through England and Scotland, visiting family and WWOOFING on different farms. Then, we hopped over to the continent and travelled through Germany, Czech Republic, Italy and Morocco, finishing in Paris before our flight home.

What were the highlights? 
All our hosts from the farms we worked on were so welcoming and fun! Eating delicious food we'd helped to grow was definitely a highlight. Scotland was lovely because it felt and looked like home. Morocco was the opposite: the landscapes and culture were totally different, but it was fun learning to adapt. Riding through the Sahara desert on dromedaries was pretty surreal and amazing.

Drink any memorable coffee?
With our tight budget, we drank a lot of bad coffee: instant, chain stores and whatever we could get from the free food cupboards in hostels. The world is very big and we definitely want to see more of it, so we can survive the bad coffee! 

Predictably, Italy's coffee was the cheapest, strongest and best tasting, with espresso never costing more than NZ$1.50. But our favourite coffee was the stovetop we would have at our Tuscan farm after every delicious lunch they served. Our host, Andrea, would add a dash of grappa, making the afternoon's work much more fun.


6. Happy to be back at Emporio? What are your plans for the future?

I'm stoked. I've been lucky to be able to come back to work with the same great team and actually earn money for the first time in 6 months. No big plans this summer beyond keeping my new house plant alive and surviving my sister's wedding this December.