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The Goodness Syrups

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5 May 2015

We are very excited to welcome a brand new range of syrups from The Goodness. All New Zealand made ,certified fair trade, organic and gluten freewith all natural falours and colours to top that off as well. We stock a range of delicious flavours right on site. 

Chai is a bit spicy and a bit sweet, but if your a chai person then it is a definate go.

Caramel tastes like real caramel and is absolutely wicked with a shot of espresso.

Hazelnut is a must have and is the most popular syrup by a mile.

Vanilla is a handy default and a massive seller also. The perfect choice if you're not quite sure what way to go.

White chocolate was made as a cafe syrup but is also a restaurant favourite as a dessert topping.

Lemon Honey and Ginger is perfect for cold nights or if you feel the winter cold coming your way.

These syrups have been a hit with our customers and you can see why. Make sure you come in and give them a try. Let us know what your favourite one is too.