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Sustainable Coffee: Emporio Trials New Milk Tap

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2 December 2021

Emporio Coffee is the first business in the country to trial a new milk tap that will significantly reduce the amount of plastic we are using.

“There’s always got to be a better way,” Emporio owner Eric Heycoop says. “It’s such a good easy system and it makes sense. When you look at the bin now, it’s empty, there’s nothing filling it up.”

The milk tap enables baristas to measure the precise amount of milk that they need, reducing wastage and costs for cafes.

Eric says the system may also enable a reduction in Emporio's daily milk deliveries to three days a week, lowering the environmental impact of transport, “Every little thing we can do, we will do".

Emporio uses Ecoware takeaway cups and lids, and compostable packaging for its 2kg coffee bags. It is working on shifting to compostable packaging for its smaller 500g coffee bags and is planning to transition to electric delivery vehicles.

Read the full article and watch a video with Eric here.