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16 May 2014

As we progress as a coffee drinking country , many of us as roasters look to bettering the way we do business , one way that a lot of us have adopted is to bring in our own coffee direct from the farms , this is known as real trade , relationship coffee , direct trade  and many other names . This is not to be confused with fair trade as that is a whole different ball game . We are often asked what as a company we do to support the farmers that produce the coffee we roast . If you read the last blog I talked about Emporio dealing direct with El Recreo estate in Nicaragua .Some of the initiatives that El Recreo  Estate have put into place are a technical training program , an estate run school for familys of all the workers and a health center which provides health care , nutritional diet , and recreational activities . All this is paid for out of the profits from selling there coffee worldwide , by cutting out a lot of the middle men in the selling process they are able to give back substantially more to all there workers . Hopefully this gives you a small insight into how as coffee roasters we are trying to help the farmers  create a better environment for all there workers .