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8 July 2015

This afternoon we were lucky enough to be able to have a proper visit to the farms very own school, which has about 10 children ranging from the ages two through ten, as well as one gorgeous teacher who managed to teach them all while keeping their constant attention despite all the students being at different academic levels. The surroundings were so simple with the kids only having a chair and a small table each, and a whiteboard at the front of the classroom.  All of the children were so happy, excited, and inclusive especially when maths finished and games and songs began! We taught them the game ‘Simon Says’ which caused great hilarity within the classroom. They also attempted to teach us some Spanish during a game of ‘Postman Brings the Letter’ and through various fun songs. Once school was out for the day, a game of football began on a patch of grass which the youngest two Heycoop’s took part in. This game was played with a football although had no rules and had a large audience watching too!