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Sample Roasting for Summer

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21 September 2016

Summer is coming and, inspired by our US travels and the great cold brew we discovered there, we are getting ready to launch our own Emporio cold brew. We’ll also be continuing to support our friend David Hargreaves with his Crocky’s Nitro Cold Brew

Emporio cold brew coffee will soon be available at our HQ espresso bar on Abel Smith St and we will also be selling perfectly-roasted-for-cold-brew beans so you can enjoy an energising cold brew at home.

Over the past couple of weeks, one of our roasters Brandon Sayring has been experimenting with different roasts to use for cold brew.  He is trying to get the best balance out of the beans, a full flavour and fruitiness without too much acidity—a delicious, refreshing summer drink. Brandon is a big fan!

In his sample roasting, Brandon’s been using Ethiopian beans, from Yirgacheffe region, to investigate three different profiles: a dark, medium and light roast.  He says that within a window of about 20 minutes the end product can be changed significantly. He’s figuring out which roast profile he’s happiest with before starting to roast for a bigger brew. In the coming weeks, Brandon’s sample roasting and brewing will extend to testing Columbian and African beans to come up with the perfect Cold Brew blend. Brandon says the African beans have a fruitier flavour profile and he wants to get this across in the cold brew without the blend losing the full-body of the blend.  

So bring it on Brandon, and bring on summer too!