Phoebe on the Rise

Phoebe on the Rise

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14 June 2018

I was surprised when I googled ‘Uprise’ that our Abel Smith St neighbours, and not an evangelical church, came up first in my search. And then I met 23 year old Phoebe Prescott who explained to me what Uprise actually does — it's a ‘digital performance agency’!

Phoebe has been working at Uprise for nearly two years, having started off as their short-term office manager. Fresh from a double degree in marketing and management, she had planned to go travelling once the job came to an end.

But that’s history now as Phoebe has immersed herself in all things Uprise,  moving at a fast pace like Uprise's clients. She’s recently joined the Client Services team.

While Phoebe still plans to go overseas one day, right now she loves her job. She works with clients to raise the profile of their brands across a range of digital platforms, using the likes of Paid Search, social advertising, programmatic and more.

For Emporio, Phoebe has been the face of Uprise, especially when we’ve sponsored their fundraising events. She is also a bubbly and popular regular in the espresso bar, coming in every morning at 8.20am for her daily latte fix, which she describes as a treat.

A fully-fledged coffee addict now, Phoebe didn’t drink coffee until her fourth year of Otago University and then, like many, she eased into it with mochas.

“Emporio’s got such a great vibe and the coffee tastes the best. It’s my favourite place, I’m sad in the weekends when it’s not open,” she says, “I also love Eric and Miriam, they’ve been so generous to Uprise”.