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Moto-Mates Bond Over Coffee

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24 May 2017

Emporio owners Miriam and Eric Heycoop have just returned from a week in Victoria. Always a great opportunity to experience inner-city Melbourne’s amazing café scene, this time Eric ventured further afield for a completely different coffee experience.  And it was in the small settlement of Malmsbury, about an hour’s drive from the centre of Melbourne, that he discovered a kindred spirit.

Family-run business Motobean is a marriage of the owners’ great passions: classic motorbikes and coffee. Sound familiar? Eric, with his love of hot rods and car memorabilia, could certainly relate. He was rapt to meet co-owner (with his wife Laura) and Head Roaster, Lachlan Evans, and have a guided tour of the café and roastery.  It was Mothers’ Day, and the cafe was packed, but that didn’t dampen the two petrol/caffeine-heads’ enthusiasm as they chatted about all things coffee. Eric loved hearing how the roastery was run and learning about the many similarities between Emporio and Motobean.

As well as a love of motors, Lachlan and Eric’s roasteries have other factors in common. Both businesses are committed to batch-roasting and prefer the simplicity of the three to four bean blend. They also like the same roast profiles: a classic espresso profile as opposed to being very blonde (as many Melbourne roasts are). In fact, Motobean felt far more like a New Zealand roastery than what Eric had experienced elsewhere in Melbourne and Victoria. 

But enough of the coffee, Lachlan and his father-in-law are seriously into classic motorbikes.  They have their own private collection but also a showroom at the front of the roastery where bikes are for sale. Don’t give Eric any ideas!