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Meet the Regulars: Gavin and Clark

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20 February 2017

It’s great to go somewhere where everybody knows your name, for all the right reasons. In this series, we meet some of the Emporio regulars. First up, Gavin Baartman (pictured left) and Clark Meister, both Emporio regulars for several years but who have never before met each other... until now.


Where do you work?
Online Communications, we’ve been next door to Emporio Coffee for fifteen years.

How often do you pop next door and what’s your habit?
I’ve been coming ever since Emporio opened in Abel Smith St. I visit first thing in the morning, 7.30 or 8am, sometimes at 10am as well for a cheese scone. Maybe also 2.30ish. I have two to three coffees a day, always a long black, although I have been known to drink tea. I always take away but am very lucky that I get to borrow a real cup and saucer; I usually choose a red one.

What makes a good barista?
Attention to detail, a drive for perfection. I’ve had experience at Emporio when the barista has rejected the coffee they've just made me, decided it’s not good enough, and made another one on the spot. They take care. I also enjoy the morning conversation and that the baristas are real people. They're down to earth and that’s vitally important. 

What else do you like about your morning ritual?
I like getting to know the other regulars. There are heaps of companies around here now like Datacom, TV3 and Mediaworks, Toi Poneke and the Regional Council. It’s a real mix of people and we have some pretty good chats. 


Another neighbour? Where do you work?
At Mico Plumbing, it’s just out the back door in Walter Street. I love that Emporio lets us walk into the roastery via the back door, the deliveries entrance.

What sort of coffee do you drink?
A small flat white. Less is more; more coffee less milk.  I drink a minimum of three a day, the last one is around lunchtime. I’m in early at about 7.30am and always get a take-out.

What keeps you coming back…
It’s convenience of course but also the conversations. And consistency, it’s always great coffee—I know what I’m getting and I like the taste. It’s a rich taste. Emporio is down to earth, it comes from the top down. Everybody at Emporio is really friendly. There can be a slight variation in the coffees between each barista, but it’s neither good or bad… just a slight difference. I don’t have a favourite barista. 

Know much about coffee and the process?
A bit, I have a machine at home and my daughter is a barista. Liz (Emporio barista) has even let me make my own coffee on the Emporio machine!