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Meet the Baristas: Brandon Sayring

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21 October 2015

28 year old Brandon Sayring has been working at Emporio since February. Barista, coffee roaster and technician by day, Brandon is also a musician who has two years of a fine arts degree under his belt. In his home town of Wanganui, he also ran a music venue. I asked Brandon about his new world of coffee roasting…

RH: What do you love about the coffee business?

BS:  I just love coffee! My perception of it has changed since I started working at Emporio. I used to only be involved in customer service, but here I enjoy more of the behind the scenes aspects of the coffee business, from the roasting to the technical work on the machines.

RH: What’s your favourite part of an Emporio day?

BS: The roasting. I feel like I’ve developed some good instincts in terms of knowing what to do and when to make changes in what is a very sensory process. This is partly due to the training Eric (Heycoop), has given me but also from the experience up until now.

I love figuring out the single origins—each is unique. It’s amazing to work out how to treat them. I’m interested in where each one comes from as well as what we do once they come in the door.

RH: How did you learn the technical skills required in your job? I’ve seen stripped-down coffee machines in the work room that you have then reassembled and customised.

BS:  My father was an electronics technician so I guess I’ve always been interested in taking things apart and figuring out how they work. At art school in Wanganui I did a lot of sound work which required skills in electronics.  I love making stuff and the challenge of diagnosing where something is going wrong.

RH: What sort of coffee do you drink?

BS: I’m a mood drinker. It changes all the time. Often based on the weather. In winter I like a flat white; in summer it’s the blacks, perhaps a cold or soft brew.