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New barista: Meet Lauren Hadfield Pilcher

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10 November 2020

Emporio’s new barista Lauren Hadfield Pilcher may look serious for our camera but her infectious Mancunian accent and bubbly personality quickly puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Always one for a chat and a ‘larf’, Lauren recently joined our team after several years at Wellington’s Deluxe Café.

Do your tattoos have a story to tell?

I get a new tattoo in every new country I visit, as a souvenir. There’s no theme but they’re all traditional 1950s in style, with thick lines and five colours. I got my first one as a teenager, Mum was very supportive. I suppose I have about 50 now, collected over about twelve years and ten different countries. I love my tattoos!

We love your accent ...

I’m from the UK, just south of Manchester, it’s crazy how many different accents in England there are. You only need to go half an hour down the road and it changes. In New Zealand everyone sounds the same to me.

What brought you to Wellington?

I met my boyfriend when we were both teenagers in the UK. He moved to Melbourne to work in a bar so I went out and joined him there. He wanted to move to New Zealand because his father is a Kiwi, so we both came over. 

I’ve just got my New Zealand residency! I love the people here, they don’t care about stupid things. Everyone is down to earth, I guess you’d say unpretentious.

How are you finding Emporio’s espresso bar?

We’ve just got a new range of cabinet food and people are loving it, especially the donuts on Fridays. And the free coffee in November with every pastry is popular of course!

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Lauren with fellow barista Maddy

What makes a good barista?

Making sure the dose and timing of the shots are right, that results in a beautiful coffee.  It’s a great idea to learn the basics on a barista course but you still need lots of practise — practise makes perfect.

What's your coffee of choice?

A 6oz soy latte or long blacks with a dash of oat milk, really creamy. I drink a lot of coffee.

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