“I don’t drink coffee” – said no one ever

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2 August 2013

There’s nothing more awkward than asking someone to catch up for coffee when they respond..”Ohh ah I don’t drink coffee sorry” – If this has ever happened to you, I totally understand at this point if you terminated the relationship.. after all..what they do with there time is well beyond my understanding.. but seriously..”lets grab a coffee” is a phrase thrown around left, right and centre by any Wellingtonian and I’m beginning to realise how nuts we all are about coffee.. gone are the days that any coffee would do the trick, picking up some random labelled instant coffee off the shelf is a classic rookie move and a being served a bad coffee is always an ultimate deal-breaker. Yes, we’re a city of hard-core, down-right loyal, coffee drinking pros.

Although here at Emporio we like to keep modest about our exquisite taste in coffee we’re not going to lie… we definitely bring the goods to the table where coffee is concerned. From our choice of beans to our final hand-stitched packaging.. we offer Wellingtonians the perfect coffee experience.

Dont be shy! Come and hang out and see what were all about.