Grinding Coffee

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23 May 2016

As  we learn more about coffee some simple things get over looked like grinding coffee for home use . Our no 1 rule is buy fresh , grind fresh ! .If you really want to get the best taste from your coffee try and buy from your local roaster . It is better to buy small amounts frequently for the sake of freshness . Do store your coffee in a cool dark place , not in the fridge as the cold temperature will rob the coffee of its flavour . When buying a coffee grinder buy one with connical burrs these may be a little more expensive that some other types but will give a far better result . the only thing to stay away from here is the spice grinder , these have two rotating blades that really just smash the coffee beans to pieces and are very inconsistent . There we have it its not rocket science a small investment can make all the difference to the taste of your coffee .