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8 July 2015

This morning, the farm’s horticulturalist lead us on a trek where we ended up on top of one of the four mountains of the coffee plantation. Trekking through the coffee bushels, we learned step by step the extensive processes that coffee beans go through before the end product. 

 We were impressed by their belief of a sustainable future which is practiced through the use of full solar energy throughout the farm, a worm farm to create fertile soil, and full purification and reticulation of all water used in the coffee washing premise. The continuous re-generation of the coffee plants is also ensured so that supply will never run out. The idea of nothing going to waste is crucial within this farm. They will also never forgo quality and will always choose the way towards a sustainable future. 

The stage that we saw the plants at today were the beginnings of very tiny coffee cherries but very small, about the size of a pea.  We learnt that in April, the bushes were all in flower - a white jasmine like flower.  Once the flower falls off it leaves a green coffee cherry which over seven months will ripen into a red cherry.   At this stage around November the cherries will be harvested and processed so that the red cherry is removed leaving a singular coffee bean. Following this there are various processes including resting (the coffee needs to rest to take the stress out of it!!) its then sorted packed and trucked to Honduras then shipped to New York ready to make it journey to many destinations, including us at Emporio Coffee.