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Emporio Barista: Maddy Walker

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15 September 2020

Maddy Walker is Emporio's new barista trainer, teaching people all the skills they need to make great coffee, whether they are a novice or already working in hospitality.

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When Maddy's not running barista courses in our Wellington training room, you'll find her making great coffee for Emporio regulars out the front at our the espresso bar every morning Monday to Friday. 

25-year-old Maddy has recently spent ten months in Amsterdam working at bars and restaurants in between travelling in Europe. She has friends and family there and loves the feel of the city.  As a child growing up in Auckland, she thought she might like to be a marine biologist. 

Barista Training

Maddy trains two afternoons a week at Emporio and says she really likes to tailor the courses to people's individual interests and goals.  She'll first ask exactly what students are looking for out of the barista course, whether they are seeking work as a barista, are starting out as a new barista or are just wanting to learn a fun, new skill.  

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Love of Coffee

Perhaps surprisingly for a barista, Maddy's favourite coffee is filter coffee.  She enjoys the balance of taste and that it's a bit softer than espresso.

Maddy says a great barista is meticulous with quality control, in other words, doesn’t cut corners when ensuring the shots are just right. What sets a good barista apart is the attention to detail. They also have to love drinking coffee!


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