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Custom-made Coffee Machine

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16 December 2015

Along with Brandon Sayring,  Simon Maguire has recently restored and customised a dilapidated Wega coffee machine that’s been languishing at the Abel Smith St roastery.

Simon is our 2IC at Emporio, overseeing a range of daily activities to support clients and staff. Simon has been working with Emporio owners Miriam and Eric Heycoop for almost seven years; his expertise ranges from managing client support and training, to hands-on roles like roasting and 24/7 technical back-up for our cafes.

Simon says this 2 Group Wega definitely deserved to be given new life. (Check out the Facebook page to see what we mean). It’s now set up in the training room and has already attracted quite a bit of attention from the clients we’ve been training.

An excellent machine, Wegas are used by most Emporio cafés, so it’s important that this is what baristas train on. The customisation that Brandon and Simon have achieved means that trainees can also now see into the back of the coffee machine, and how it all works.

Simon has stripped and rebuilt a number of machines before, most recently for Kowhai Café at the top of the Wellington Cable Car. Already honing his skills as a technician, this latest project was also a great chance for Brandon to gain more experience.

The Wega rebuild was a solid two months of work and is the most extensive customisation either Simon or Brandon have done. While the functionality of the machine remains the same (albeit with brand new parts), the aesthetics are now very different—with wooden handles and cup rails, and a Perspex back so you can see the internal workings.

So what’s up next? Simon’s definitely ready for the next project.