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Coffee on the Curriculum

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18 May 2016

Ellie Vinaccia and Bella O'Meeghan are two Year 11 students from Samuel Marsden Collegiate who visited us today to learn all about the coffee business. They got to see behind the scenes of what goes on at Emporio HQ in Abel Smith St.

The students, both of whom confessed to already being hardened caffeine consumers, were part of a larger group of two geography classes. Their study topic is ‘The Global Café’, an investigation into the world's coffee trade, from the producer to the consumer.

Emporio owners Eric and Miriam Heycoop, along with GM Simon Maguire, toured the 30 students through the roastery, demonstrating the production process, from roasting to distribution out to Emporio’s café and corporate clients. They also shared a bit of the history of coffee, where and how it is best grown, and Emporio’s own story of our relationship with growers around the globe, particularly in Nicaragua. Emporio’s business ethics and commitment to fair trade and sustainability were particularly relevant to the girls’ studies.

Bella (right), who also studies History and German, loved hearing about this involvement with the coffee farmers and finding out where the beans come from. She has already done a barista training course through a Zeal youth programme and hopes to put her skills to use in a part-time job once she is at university, perhaps studying Psychology.

Ellie is also already a coffee fan, favouring mochaccino and cappuccinos.  She especially enjoyed watching Eric roasting the beans; seeing how the beans ‘start off’. Also studying Design Technology and Art, Ellie hopes to one day be an architect, a profession that will indeed involve a lot of coffee drinking!

If you know someone who would be interested in doing an Emporio Barista Training Course, check out the Education page.