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6 May 2014

As the title suggests i just want to briefly talk about our first experience of importing our own coffee direct from the farmers . Miriam and I were at the SCA A Boston Expo when we met with the Morales Family from Nicaragua , as a family they run the EL Recreo coffee estate , at the expo we cupped the coffee with them , loved the taste and expressed an interest in importing a pallet into New Zealand  . not long after we returned home a sample arrived  we sample roasted it , cupped it , all of us agreed it was great coffee . Numerous e mails and the odd phone call to Nicaragua resulted in our first pallet arriving . After customs clearance etc 4 months after meeting the farmer and his family we now stock there coffee . . It really is a great feeling knowing we have a direct trading partner lastly but not least the coffee is fantastic weather in a blend or single origin through a chemex . Eric