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10 July 2015

Today, we said our goodbyes to Leana and Carlos which was sad, although we definitely hope to be back one November so we can help out with picking time. It was such an honour to be invited onto the farm and be a part of this amazing community and family. 

Seeing first hand how well the workers are looked after makes our decision to use this coffee so much more rewarding, as we genuinely know that these workers really are looked after in a more than generous way. With free accommodation, healthcare, food, and education for their families as well as a wage, it makes the workers very lucky to be working on this farm. This farm is a true example of a coffee farm with high social responsibility. 

As Hector Morales, son in law of Carlos and Leana, said to us; “family and workers make a great community to produce the best coffee” and in our eyes, there is nothing more true than this. We are so proud to be a part of this community.