Coffee is only as good as the skill level of the barista.

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Emporio offers every level of barista training—from our café clients to anyone wanting to extend their knowledge on their home machine or looking to work in a café. Our training can also be tailored for groups as a fun and informative corporate event.


Barista Training

Our barista training courses are tailored to your needs. If you are a café client, our highly-skilled trainer will simulate a commercial café environment to provide a hands-on demonstration of all aspects of making the perfect coffee, from the grinder to the tamper, to the cup.

For students or those wanting to enter the hospitality industry, our master barista will gently guide you through the fundamentals of making a great espresso with Emporio beans.

The two-hour course is $100 and participants all receive a certificate as acknowledgement of their training.

Corporate Events

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Bring your family, friends or team down to the Emporio roastery for an hour and create your own coffee blends. Take some time to cup your own coffee, mix and match flavours and come up with your own unique blends to take home. Learn about what goes into roasting great coffee from Emporio’s coffee connoisseurs.

Each Choice Brew session is relaxed, fun and informative, making it an ideal activity for corporate teams or groups looking for something interesting to do for an event, activity or learning experience.

Contact us to learn more or to arrange this event for your company, organisation or group.

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