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Coffee Importing

6 May 2014


As the title suggests i just want to briefly talk about our first experience of importing our own coffee direct from the farmers . Miriam and I were at the SCA A Boston Expo when we met with the Morales Family from Nicaragua , as a family they run the EL Recreo coffee estate , at the expo we cupped the coffee with them , loved the taste and expressed an interest in importing a pallet into New Zealand  . not long after we returned home a sample arrived  we sample roasted it , cupped it , all of us agreed it was great coffee . Numerous e mails and the odd phone call to Nicaragua resulted in our first pallet arriving . After customs clearance etc 4 months after meeting the farmer and his family we now stock there coffee . . It really is a great feeling knowing we have a direct trading partner lastly but not least the coffee is fantastic weather in a blend or single origin through a chemex . Eric

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“I don’t drink coffee” – said no one ever

2 August 2013

There’s nothing more awkward than asking someone to catch up for coffee when they respond..”Ohh ah I don’t drink coffee sorry” – If this has ever happened to you, I totally understand at this point if you terminated the relationship.. after all..what they do with there time is well beyond my understanding.. but seriously..”lets grab a coffee” is a phrase thrown around left, right and centre by any Wellingtonian and I’m beginning to realise how nuts we all are about coffee.. gone are the days that any coffee would do the trick, picking up some random labelled instant coffee off the shelf is a classic rookie move and a being served a bad coffee is always an ultimate deal-breaker. Yes, we’re a city of hard-core, down-right loyal, coffee drinking pros.

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Coffee Options

6 June 2013

At Emporio, we have many options available for purchasing coffee.

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Brightest Days

28 May 2013

Wellington’s weather yesterday was nothing short of stormy. The wind was howling from all directions and the heater was only just keeping up with making the room a reasonable temperature. To wake this morning and find sun hitting our city was the best. And having these bright additions, featured in this blog, sitting around Emporio made the day seem even brighter! The storm was forgotten.

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Psychoactive Drug: Get Your Fix

23 May 2013

Check out what goes on behind the Emporio scenes in this incredible time lapse video from 2:17 onwards:

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